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One said, “It seems we are forever destined to meet at gunpoint,” but she only had it half right. It wasn’t gunpoint that was their destiny; it was meeting. (x)

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Atlantis - Ellie Goulding

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Now that’s a caretaker.


See what happens.

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Steve:So...is anyone gonna get me down from here?!?
Claudia:Oh my god, that's my best friend!

I know you’re all angry but why is no one talking about Eddie McClintock shattering the forth wall there?  “I’m really hoping it wasn’t from Dexter…”

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Another Bering and Wells Mating Ritual

Let’s look at the subtext within the text. HG’s value… she is obviously hot and smart and everything Myka wants. HG’s motives? Get into Myka’s pants. HG freaks out that she’s been found out and, what’s more, that she still can’t admit to herself that she has actually fallen for Myka. SHE CAN’T. Myka is confused.


- How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?
- I wish I knew.

TV SHOW MEME → [1/5] feels-inducing otps: Bering & Wells

fangirl challenge : [2/10] otps

          » Wells and Bering Bering and Wells - “Agent Bering, seems we’re forever destined to meet at gunpoint.”

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My current headcanon is that the new Leena is getting to know everyone and when H.G. comes round the Warehouse.  She sees how Myka and H.G. are with one another and just assumes they’re a couple. 

"Oh so how long have you two been dating?" 
"Is the distance hard on your relationship?"

Pete and Claudia laugh about it. 
But then Myka’s just kind of like image


I believed in you, and I was right.

and then they had sex.