My people

These are the people you should totally follow.  I’ll probably be adding more in the future, but here it is for now.

Allegra: One day she’s going to live in Cara’s closet and they’ll be a serial killing gang.

Brianna: Is awesomesauce.

Cara: Where quality goes to die.  (Also she might be Batman.)

Eric: This boy is a hot mess, but he’s our hot mess.

Erin: Koala-Tea.  My bro.

Hannah: Our Pepper Potts.  My best friend.  (After awkward deliberation.)

Kate: She-Bear the younger.

Kaitlin: Pittsburgh, hockey, and True Blood.

Mike: The Prettiest She-Bear.  In 2013, he won the internet.

Sally: Her name is still Sally; don’t let her tell you otherwise.

Sam: The movie Brave is about her hair.

Sara: The Ted to my Barney.

Sarah: Amazeballs.

Stef: King Shit of Fuck Mountain.