I think you’ll find I’m universally recognised as a mature and responsible adult.

Oh.  It’s shorted out.  Finally, a lie too big…

This is a page to inform you that the owner of this blog is a 22-year-old lesbian named Lizz.

This owner is a human from Pittsburgh.  Not an andalite, despite what certain blogs might say.

Right now I live in D.C., where I’m getting my Masters in Sustainable Design.

I like pretty blondes and breakfast food.

I’m also fond of my cat, Jazz.

Patsy Stone and Karen Walker are my spirit animals.

Bernard Black (Dylan Moran in general) is my soul sister/ future self.

I have strong opinions about otters, the sea, and Olivia Wilde.

…This page is not very interesting.

Maybe I’ll add more to it.  Some day. 

Probably not though; I moonlight as a jazz saxaphonist named Duke Silver, and that takes up a lot of my time.

*A note for you: This is NOT a spoiler-free blog.  I tag with “Spoilers.”
**Another note for you: You should do a proper stalking and go back about 10 pages before clicking that follow button.  I dislike tourist followers but post a lot of Anti-Social Justice things.